transition metal

by there will be fish

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this EP is a concept album about my most recent imaginary love affair.
this album is about changing. it is a transition. hopefully for the better.


released January 20, 2013



all rights reserved


there will be fish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

an adult with a computer and a few musical instruments.

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Track Name: one (the noises you make in my head as i try to sleep)
Track Name: the astronaut (a fairy tale, but not for children)
I want to fly away
flyaway there
these clips on my wing
the pain of my vice
melt away; they are made of wax
it burns me slight,
the fire I light,
and burns my Virgin legs.
and while I leave,
the auto
shall make a great excuse
while I flyaway
flyaway there
and glide off
into space somewhere.
they haven’t noticed I was gone yet,
I guess it’s fine to go.
I stick to this earth with my massive mass,
and I look back to home sometimes
but until the Intergalactic Space Police find and catch me
it’s way out here I’ll stay
and until the native
collects her native
I’ll stay way out here in space
fighting lonely native
Track Name: i know i'm a faggot (but check your mail)
hey lady, won't you check your mail you might have something from me.
it's the pile of letters i wrote to you but never sent.
i know i'm a faggot, but don't blame me it's not my fault.
tell me what they said, were they about how i loved you?
or were they about how i hate you, or somewhere in between?
Track Name: nimble (but not quick)
i thought of your smile
and the sound of your laugh
for a short passing while i
could not see the path
my sight it was dimming;
no reason said why
and you left just as quick as you came

the thought rippled through me
like a boulder through ice
i thought you would prove me
wrong and without a price
my headache was mourning;
i cannot see why
but it left just as quick as it came
Track Name: annexation (on an annotation)
i watch you as you read the words
you wrote inside the books you read
and hope that you will hear the words
i spoke for you inside my head

my dreams are crushed quite every day
as you waste away on treatises
but never quite so much as when
you flushed out all my fetuses

i’d still consider loving you,
we’d work past all your hopeless flaws
and in the darkness of the night,
we’d bypass all of nature’s laws

it saddens me to see you waste
your life away on fruitless games
the things they say will fix your life
are those from which you’ve naught to gain

when will you know what i’ve become
when will you see the only thing
is fear of broken mended hearts
and fear of golden wedding rings

i’d love to hold you close at night
i’d love to keep you by my side
but fruit falls down upon our heads
and knocks us cold and knocks you dead

it keeps us up so late at night
the sound it makes, “the sound!” you cry
i wake up calm to calm the nerves
without which i would surely burn

baby, love me, love me dear
let me in, don’t keep me here
i need to breathe i need to dream
i need your hope inside of me

show me love and show me hate
take me on your quickest date
i’d love to see what i’d become
outside your worthless wedding cake
Track Name: anthem (one of the many unsent letters)
i've been meaning for so long
to write this letter for you
now it's my anthem to you
i hope it treats you well

and i've been trying for so long
to put my words on paper
but i can't seem to find them
has anyone seen my pen?

and please don't take this the wrong way
but i'd really hate to love you
because i don't want to lose you
but i don't think you feel the same

and if you ever hear this
please disregard this message
because that means i love you
and you weren't supposed to know