by there will be fish

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released October 11, 2012



all rights reserved


there will be fish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

an adult with a computer and a few musical instruments.

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Track Name: Electra
Part I (Orestes)
My mother and my father’s woe
from wars unjust and long ago.
Wars they fought away and home;
a scornèd lover starts to roam.

I traveled far, I traveled near
searching for my sister dear.
disguised in lands from which I’d veered
but in disguise, I should not fear.

Upon a peasant's farm I came,
the wife, she hung her head in shame:
a peasant now, but once a dame
of royal blood and royal name

Part II (Electra)

Foot walk faster,
time is pressing on.

Though you be weeping
keep on keeping on.

I hate my burdens,
I hate my life.

Unhappy Electra is what they
call me here
in this town.

Father, do you lie in hades
cut down by your scornful wife?

Stir up the tears again,
only tears relieve the pain.

What town, my brother--in what haven
do you wander even now?

Far from that unhappy sister
you left behind.

Come now to save me, brother,
come and avenge our father's death

Part III (The Reunion)

Part IV (The Revenge)
Now that we found each other again
We can go and get our revenge
On our mother, and her mate
For bringing our father to his fate

Now sister please, don’t think too fast
Or your mistakes will be too vast
A matricide, our mother dear?
Please don’t say I heard you clear.

You heard right, or are you daft?
You stand there with your face aghast.
Go and kill her husband first,
you’ll taste some blood and you’ll want more.

Please, please don’t hurt me.
Please, please, remember me, your mother, please.
Remember me, who birthed and nursed and fed you…